Our Services At Glance

Responsible Person Nolichem Consultancy LTD
Responsible Person

We operate as a third-party responsible person for EU27 and UK. We have double academic qualifications obtained from universities in the EU and in the UK.

Regulatory Compliance Nolichem Consultancy
Regulatory Compliance

We help manufacturers, importers, distributors, and independent sellers to ensure that products that are placed on the market meet the requirements set out in relevant regulations.

Human health and safety Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Human health and safety

We are fully aware of risks associated with chemicals and have a professional approach to ensuring that a high level of human health protection comes first.

Workplace safety Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Workplace safety

The place of manufacture of the products and the handling of chemicals requires control and compliance with the provisions of good manufacturing practice.

Environmental safety Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Environmental safety

Analyses of air purity, drinking water, soil, the quality of crops and agricultural products are a frequent topic of discussions with our partners, which are scientific institutes, universities, and laboratories.

Laboratory testing Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Laboratory testing

We verify the methodology in determining the durability of the product, and we check and evaluate the parameters that have an impact on safety.

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