Frequently Asked Questions

Importing Cosmetics Into The UK After 1st January 2021.

Yes, each importer who brings products to the UK market is, by default, responsible for the products.
Yes, if the importer designate a third-party responsible person via signing a mandate. Nolichem Consultancy Ltd can help as your one stop shop for all your regulatory needs, so you can concentrate on getting your products to your customers.
Yes, if the importer is the responsible person. Nolichem Consultancy Ltd can act as designated responsible person and will notify products on time to the UK Office for Product Safety and Standards.
Responsible person
Each importer, by default is responsible, however, an importer registered in the United Kingdom may by written mandate designate a third-party responsible person like Nolichem Consultancy Ltd based in the GB.
PIF (Product documentation)
No, product information file (PIF) for each product that is put on the UK market must be kept at the address of the responsible person.
Cosmetics are notified with to the UK Office for Product Safety and Standards electronically.
No, the UK notification is free of charge.
Yes, you may face a fine of up to £5,000, or a prison term of up to 3 months, if you do not notify Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) about a cosmetic product.
Yes, there is 90 days window time from the 1st of January 2021 to notify existing products in the UK market. For new products, the notification process must be completed upon first placing in the UK market.
No, if the product is manufactured in, for instance France, the label must state Made in France and similarly to other member states of the EU-27.
Product name, instruction for use, safety warnings (both mandatory and as recommended by the Safety Assessor) and the method of storage.
No, if the manufacture is outside the UK the only address that must be on the product package is address of the responsible person registered in the UK.
No, there is 2-year transition period to meet the requirements.
Safety assessor
In the UK, the Safety Assessor’s qualifications must be obtained from an accredited British university. EU qualification are not recognized in the UK.
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