A Few Words about Us

Our professional expertise in safety assessment, document compilation and product notification results from 20 years of experience both in the chemical industry and in the research and development laboratory. We hold formal qualifications from the UK and EU universities. Our comprehensive academic training at international universities and the use of applied knowledge of human and environmental toxicology, and microbiology, in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, chemical, analytical, and environmental technology enable us to provide a wide-ranging service to clients. The multilingualism as well as the multiculturalism of our team makes it easier for us to communicate well with clients all over the world.

Customers of our services are mainly manufacturers of chemical products such as cosmetic preparations, surfactants, detergents, toys, household products, cosmetic accessories, or raw material producers. Importers, distributors, marketers, and independent sellers are also using our services.

We also cooperate with research and development institutions, universities, and laboratories. Our team of experts in the fields of toxicology, microbiology, chemical process and environmental engineering, analytical chemistry, chemical nanotechnology, industrial and environmental analysis, as well as software and information technology, efficiently cooperate with each other, which results in high professionalism in our customer service.

Our Services

Responsible Person Nolichem Consultancy LTD
Responsible Person

We operate as a third-party responsible person for EU27 and UK. We have double academic qualifications obtained from universities in the EU and in the UK.

Regulatory Compliance Nolichem Consultancy
Regulatory Compliance

We help manufacturers, importers, distributors, and independent sellers to ensure that products that are placed on the market meet the requirements set out in relevant regulations.

Human health and safety Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Human health and safety

We are fully aware of risks associated with chemicals and have a professional approach to ensuring that a high level of human health protection comes first.

Workplace safety Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Workplace safety

We take an active part in the preparation and authorisation of safety data sheets for chemicals to help manufacturers identify risk. We contribute to the fact that the safety data sheets produced by us enable employers to determine whether there are any hazardous chemicals in the workplace. We help to assess the risk to the health and safety of employees resulting from the use of chemicals.

Environmental safety Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Environmental safety

We contribute to the analysis of environmental research mainly in the field of water studies and the toxic effects on the environment of surface waters, as well as in other areas of environmental toxicology and biotechnology to facilitate the effectiveness of work related to the protection of the environment.

Laboratory testing Nolichem Consultancy Ltd
Laboratory testing

We make efforts to facilitate the efficient sampling and analysis of products, which must be carried out in a reliable and reproducible manner. We contribute to the fact that the reliability and reproducibility of tests in relation to the methods used are in accordance with the relevant harmonized or national standards.

Our Approach

We are fully aware of risks associated with chemicals and have a professional approach to ensuring that a high level of human health protection comes first. We help manufacturers to certify that products made available in any market around the world are safe for human health when used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, including consideration of presentations, product labelling, instructions for use, product disposal and any other indications or information provided by manufacturers.

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